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Filmgoers will explore `Blue Myst Road' mysteries

by Patty Tascarella, Pittburgh Business Times

Movie mania has gripped another local group of fledgling filmmakers as "Blue Myst Road," a short film centered on three Pittsburgh ghost stories began filming the week of
Nov. 5 near North Park.

"We have what we need to make the film," said producer/screenwriter John Fries, a Brighton Heights-based marketing communications professional.

The other producers are Glenshaw-based video production entrepreneur Mike Martin and Reserve-based graphic designer Chip Kelsch.

The three producers don't have a name for their production company and, unlike other independent filmmakers who have raised funding via private placements, they've financed their project themselves. However, they wouldn't disclose the size of their budget.

"Over the years, Mike and I have collaborated on a number of videos for businesses," Mr. Fries said. "So we have at our fingertips professional high-end digital video equipment, which has become a staple of filmmaking, lighting, special effects equipment, and nonlinear editing suites -- all of which gives us the capability to do pretty much anything."

They've mustered a great deal of cooperation throughout the region. Mr. Fries said both the Pittsburgh Film Office, and Pittsburgh Filmmakers "have been wonderfully supportive." Film Office executive director Dawn Keezer confirmed that her staff has been helping to set up locations for "Blue Myst Road."

The actors, all local, are volunteering their time, and a number of businesses have donated the use of their locations.

The film is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The goal is to submit it to film festivals and "see where it goes," said Mr. Fries.

Just what is the film about? Mr. Fries promises "some interesting twists and turns, and some things that will make you jump."

The title segment features occurrences that have supposedly taken place over the years along a dark road in North Park that have "spawned many mysterious stories," said Mr. Fries.

Blue Myst is an actual road but you won't find it on a map; it's the nickname for Irwin Road.



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