Our marketing and communications expertise is backed by more than 30 years of professional experience and an extensive track record of measurable results. We offer results-focused strategy, counsel and customized seminars.

Our areas of deep expertise are:

A brand is three things. It's a company's (1) single point of differentiation that's (2) meaningful to its customers and (3) leveraged in a way that captures the attention of the target audience, creates preference and motivates response and sales. Personal branding is exactly the same, but scaled to apply to an individual. At the Fries Group, we're experts in branding. Engage us to facilitate a comprehensive workshop for your company's leaders. We'll explore a number of perceptual factors and work with you to determine, articulate and position your business or personal brand.

Public Relations

Whether you're looking to introduce a new company or product, create awareness of a new initiative, explain a delicate situation, or simply need a spokesman or media coach, you can count on our three-plus decades of experience in the PR environment. With wide and diverse experience that encompasses strategic planning, writing, corporate communications, publicity, media relations, crisis communications, issues management, online PR, social media, event development and more, we'll help you craft your messages and tell your story clearly and with impact.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement takes customer service to a new, more exciting level by creating "Wow!" experiences for customers, whether in person, by phone, online, or at events. These kinds of experiences turn "seen-it-all" customers into enthusiastic fans of your company and brand. We'd love the opportunity to work with you to develop creative, innovative "Wow!" experiences that engage your customers and turn them into unofficial marketers for your company, leading to more sales and increased revenue.

Leadership Training

Are you a leader, or are you a "boss?" The best leaders are those who achieve measurable results while developing a loyal, motivated and success-driven workforce. Through our 10-step training plan, we'll help you become a stronger leader who inspires loyalty and action.

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Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is scary for many if not most people. But you've been called on to give a talk at a professional conference. Or, maybe you're charged with giving a sales presentation. Maybe you have to address the media. Do you want to put your best foot forward? We can help. Our public speaking coaching has helped numerous individuals--in business, government and other fields--become effective, persuasive and confident speakers and presenters. They key is to use your personal assets (be yourself!) while planning, refining and delivering your speech. We'll work with you, either one-on-one or in a group setting, to help you become a dynamic speaker who leaves his or her audience wanting more.

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Online Marketing
Websites, social media, e-communications, even email. It's all there. And online video and audio. Did you know that YouTube is now the second-most-used search engine? We'll work with you to develop an online plan that uses these tools to communicate, persuade, inform, and sell. We'll help you identify and better understand your primary audiences, then determine an integrated mix of strategies and tactics to effectively reach them, build relationships and elicit response.

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